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Marciano's Workbook
Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to my workbook! I sew. Yes, I sew. And I really like it. Issues with that? Come on into the Dojo and sign a waiver. Ok- just kidding, really. You can't sign away your rights in the country, and my insurance at the Dojo only covers damages that might occur during the course of normal training- not the ass whooping I'd unleash on all haters... seriously right? Totally, even!

Ya, so, anyways- here it is! A workbook like you've never seen before! Why? Most Dress Diaries are a complete listing of the most important successes, the make or break projects that rocked their own little world. Not mine, no way! Mine is a real record of my journey through new projects- successes and failures. With equal bias against both....

It's  not often I'll update this particular section of this particular page, but this just has to be said..... or not... but none the less, my poor diary has become much more of a "to do" list then a finished projects diary. I promise though- I will finish all of these projects I've started! Also, just as a note to those who may be wondering. This isn't an accurate reporting of my all my projects. These projects represent either new styles I'm learning from, new patterns, fine tuning, or otherwise projects, in total or in part, I haven't tried before. My garb closet is huge! The following list isn't.

Links to Journal Entries

 August 10th, 2008- The Chirka/Entari August 17th, 2008- The St. Isadorian Tudors
August 20th, 2008- The Blue and White Reconfiguration January 4th, 2009- The "Strapwork" project
January 17th, 2009- The Court of Love February 1st, 2009- Red and Taupe Suit
March 8th, 2009- The Merchant of Florence

October 30th, 2009- The Landsknecht Project

 September 5th, 2009- Robe of Honor for GWW XII
October 17, 2010- The 1475 Project

The Really Groovy Reign of Sir Mansur ibn al-Sha'bi ibn Rafi' and Mistress Eilidh na Tire Dharigh

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